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About Me

I started Pinnacle Woodcraft because I love woodcrafting, just as much as my neighbors and family.  We opened up our stores in 2011 with a dream of doing what we love and being able to share that with you, the people who buy and help support our dream.

When we started in 2011 it wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.  I took over the business side of things such as the administrative, marketing, and sales so that I could let my family and neighbors focus on just the woodwork.  That way they are able to focus 100% of their efforts on delivering high quality craftsmanship and work.  I still love to woodcraft and I’m happy at every chance I get to practice my passion, but I also love to serve customers who need high quality work.

Pinnacle Woodcraft is a family owned business where we are passionate about what we do, I believe in providing high quality work and high quality customer service.

I started Pinnacle Woodcraft as a dream and I thank you, our customers, for making it a reality every day.


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